This is a review of "Shed Some Light" recorded by Esper Scout. The review was written by Cat Keller in 2013.

I first came across the Leeds based alt rock foursome in Bad Apples Rock bar in the heat of summer 2012 and I didn't really know what to think when they began assembling mics and pedals. I know, girl power and all that, but I don't generally like female based bands - I guess that's because of the charts and how the female artist has been portrayed with hardly any clothes and vulgar lyrics - anyway I'm going off on a tangent here - but can I just add, I really liked their set!

'Shed Some Light', the new single from the foursome, starts off with a heavy underlining bass and drone which already grabs my attention, chuck a few riffs in and a voice - which isn't perfect but hey does it have to be? I'm not reviewing Katherine Jenkins' album am I and you've got a meaty single in your hands. I like the simplicity of the track, it doesn't bore me with its guitar gymnastics or confuse me with ridiculous lyrics! I think I like it even more that the women behind the band are doing what they know they do best, no prancing around with things that sounds 'nice' or dainty. The girls have really excelled themselves since I saw then last with this single. It's cool, melodic, alternative and deep! I like it a lot.