This article was published in 2013.

Claire Cameron Band round off their Time Will Tell Tour on Thursday 4th April at Milo in Leeds, with support from the brilliant Hail to the Eskimo and The Booze Brothers!

Following this gig CCB will be taking some song writing time out from the live circuit, as there are adventures to be had to inspire a new direction of song writing - more on that in May...

In the meantime come along to the show, which will obviously be something special as it will be their last live performance for a while!

....Time Will Tell where their musical journey takes them next....

Thursday 4th April 2013
Claire Cameron Band
The Booze Brothers
Hail To The Eskimo
10-12 Call Lane, Leeds,LS1 6DN
Doors 8:30pm
Milo bar and Hempen Jig bring you the best in live music and DJ's across 2 floors 8.30pm-late with...

CLAIRE CAMERON BAND: Fusing genres of rock, alternative and singer-songwriter with a hint of metal they create a superb, melody driven sound.

THE BOOZE BROTHERS (Germany): Pure and high-energetic Punkrock'n'Roll straight from Germany.

HAIL TO THE ESKIMO: Emerging from the furnaces of Sheffield, Hail to the Eskimo pack a ferocious punch that blends elements of New Wave, Post Punk and Pop.

Come and kick start your weekend early with some top music and quality drinks.

Claire has also recently made a guest appearance on The Idol Dead 's new album 'Dark Little Hearts' and she performed live at the album launch at 360 Club - Leeds Music Scene said of her guest spot 'My personal highlight of their set was a softer ballad type track titled 'I'm Drowning' in which the band invited guest vocalist, the talented Claire Cameron onto the stage.'


'There is a somewhat epic nature of the Claire Cameron Band's compositions....Claire and her bandmates add layers of guitars, vocals, and keys - all with a distinctly symphonic-metal quality - to the softly woven tapestry of dreamy pop that lies at the heart of Claire's vocal style and melodies. The five songs making up 'Time Will Tell' - 'Love Of You', 'Spinning Tops', 'Black Albatross', 'Question Every Day', and 'Exposition' - form a cohesive whole, almost as if this were a concept record or the musical component of a larger performance piece.' The Impaler Speaks on Time Will Tell - see the full review here

'If you've seen them live then you'll already know how great they are but for those not afforded the pleasure well, you're in for a treat. Lush complex arrangements that mix up indie/rock/pop influences into a hook-laden, well crafted 7 tracker. Add to that Claire's heavenly vocals and you've got a winner for sure.' Jumbo Records on 'Time Will Tell'

'Cameron's beautiful, haunting, candid vocals that travel on dreamlike keyboard parts simply demand to be heard.' A Musical Priority

'With influences ranging from Beyonce to Led Zeppelin, there is most definitely something for everyone in Claire Cameron Band's music, and I suggest if they are playing a gig near you, you go and check them out!' Chelle's Rock Blog

'More than just a rock group, more a way of life..' Borin Van Loon

'The music of Claire Cameron Band takes a cross section of almost every genre imaginable and flits between them in a surprisingly cohesive manner' No Title Magazine

'Musicians in Leeds, it seems, cannot be easily categorized, processed, or rubber-stamped as 'this' or 'that' or 'the other'. Leeds is a culturally diverse city, and Leeds-based artists are nothing if not diverse.'
The Impaler Speaks

'Time Will Tell' is now on sale in Jumbo Records, Crash Records, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK, CDBaby and more!