This is a review of "Shattered Glass" recorded by One Stop Railway. The review was written by Ciaran in 2013.

Shattered Glass is the first collection of studio material from local boys One Stop Railway. Recorded at Factory Street Studios in Bradford, this six track E.P. is a promising start, mixing emo melodies with smart lyrics.

Opener When The Lights Come From Behind showcases a band that knows how to play together, giving each other space and allowing the songs to breathe. Progress presents itself a single in waiting, lyrics about yearning and the need for change carried along on a crisp, catchy riff.

The influnces are there - Incubus, Deftones, Panic At The Disco - but so is the originality. Stand out track Capetown hints at mainstream aspirations too ('One day we'll scale these city walls' goes the lyric) and on the strength of these songs that's not surprising.