This is an archive of the band profile for The Eyes.

The Eyes are a Bradford based Trio consisting of Matty Graves (Lead guitar/vocals) Andrew Hollis (bass guitar/vocals) and Luke Martin (drums)

Their unique style is formed from an eclectic mix of influences ranging from early blue grass and Hendrix style riffs to the latter years of Led Zeppellin.Their ripping guitar solos,catchy basslines and intricate drums make them stand out from the crowd.Improvisation for their live performances certainly gives them edge.

With hints of early stone roses and melodies that would have fitted in seaml essly with any of the factory records greats.
After a year performing on the bradford circuit the guys are now embarking on recording their first album. Splitting their time between creating their new sounds and performing in various venues and reaching a wider audience across West Yorkshire.

The Eyes are definitely one of the most forward thinking and individualistic musical trios on the Yorkshire music scene..