This article was published in 2013.

Leeds post-metal quartet Envoys have launched the pre-sale of their debut album 'Violescent', which they are releasing themselves in June.

Almost nine months in the making, the album has been entirely financed and recorded by the band themselves, with guitarist Tom Allen taking on a second role as producer at The Mutts Nutts recording studio in Leeds.

To raise funds for a vinyl pressing of the album, a pre-order page is now live at and the names of everyone who pre-orders will be included in the album artwork by way of thanks.

The band, fresh from playing 'Kin Ell Fest at Templeworks in Leeds over the weekend, said: "We're extremely proud of the album and we want to give it a release that does it justice.

"We're a guitar-heavy band, but the record features cello, trumpet, and sections with multiple drummers. We're really excited about how it's turning out."