This is an archive of the band profile for OtherPeoplesLives.

Peasey // Vocals, guitars
James // Guitars, vocals
Bryce // Drums
Sam // Keys, guitars, vocals
Chris // Bass, vocals

Building a home for themselves within waves of beauty and bombast in exacting measures,
OtherPeoplesLives are a unique collective of musicians and producers based in Leeds, UK.

Calm, considered and intricately constructed layers of ambience meet raw eruptions of power, always with a firm grasp of crafting reverberant melodies that haunt the mind.

This highly dynamic quartet have grown from their roots in Post-Rock and now sprawl out over a wide range of influence, not one piece of their sonic puzzle is superfluous.

They are a deeply formidable proposition in a live setting where they are capable of creating an atmosphere that draws attention of rooms of all sizes.

Previous festival appearances include Standon Calling, Dot To Dot, Live At Leeds, Welcome To The North and Beacons Festival, they have also played alongside bands such as Post War Glamour Girls, Coasts, Big Deal and Mutiny On The Bounty.

Everything the band has released so far has received multiple airplay on BBC Introducing, XFM and others. Self-producing the majority of their work, they are a self-contained unit of enviable ability.

Focussed, sweeping and atmospheric music with lyrical content that grapples the constraints of modern society, while dancing knowingly within it..