This is a review of "I Won't Come Back" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2013.

Arctic Monkeys have always been good. But during the Favourite Worst Nightmare era they were really fucking good. This record sounds a lot like that, youthfully brimming from point to point at breakneck speed without pause for thought, reaching a climax seemingly much sooner than the 210 seconds suggests. Yes, I know gimmicks sell but they're not big and they're not clever and a lack of them is what sets the likes of Pigeon Detectives and Courteeners apart from their dribbling lad rock rivals. There's an art to writing simple songs. To quote Jack White, they're usually about "girls and feeling sad". This lot seem to have nailed that particular formula. Solid rather than spectacular, but it was never going to be anything else. They know what they're good at and this is a fine effort, again.