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Taylor Max are a pub-rock band 'for fun purposes' - usually playing venues for free! - made up from various members of the folk-rock 'Duncan McFarlane Band' and close friends. They play covers of well-known rock songs (mostly from the 50s/60s & 70s) - interspersed with a wide range of lesser known songs, literally whatever has taken their fancy on the day. Basically it's a good-time effort just to make us happy and flex the guitar muscles - and if anyone else gets a buzz... that's grand!
No Leeds gigs for TM left for 2013, but we are near enough Leeds for you to make the trip to.... The Swan, Addingham Sat 12th Oct; Victoria Vaults, York Sat 26th Oct; Whitakers, Otley on Sat Nov 9th AND on Sat Dec 28th.