This article was published in 2013.

Department M will release a second single, double a-side 'The Second Prize' / 'Absentia' through Too Pure on 24th June 2013.

Following on from debut 'I'll Fax You An Apology', released through Leeds label Hide & Seek records earlier in the year, this new release consolidates the abrasive beauty exhibited and shifts Department M's sound forward with brutalist pop economy.

'Absentia' is based around a flowing overdriven hip-hop drum loop and smooth swathes of analogue synthesizer. Eschewing the taut, tense feel of its counterpart 'The Second Prize, 'Absentia' has a wide beauty and relief after the tension of the first side.

You can watch Department M live in Leeds on 26th June at A Nation Of Shopkeepers and watch the video for The Second Prize below: