This is a review of "Luva Gunk" recorded by Luva Gunk. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Luva Gunk are a four piece rock band from Leeds. They've been around for a couple of years and Luva Gunk's 'Luva Gunk' is their debut EP.

The music is pleasant to listen to but personally I find the influences to be too glaring to look past. From Andy Mckenon's vocals to the riffs, there's a that feeling of déjà vu or I've heard this before and I can't place my finger on it. This is not prevalent throughout the whole EP, only 'Monkey Run' and 'Revolver'. That isn't to say that this project is bad. There are some great choruses, 'Revolver''s being especially catchy. It's clear when listening to this EP that these lads clearly have a good hold on the art of song writing, to create songs that are sufficiently diverse and entertaining.

The Egyptian feel of the intro in 'Tease' was an interesting change of dynamic after 'Monkey Run' and its great how the lead guitarist keeps bringing it back as a motif throughout the song. In terms of vocals, well they get the job done, Kurt Kobain and Llayne Stanley are just two of the influences I could hear. The lyrics don't particularly stand out but they aren't so bad that you won't want to listen to the song. They do their job well enough.

Origin is the single and the one song on the EP that feels that it's on a different plane. Being different, interesting, exciting and had a quality that was really missing from the other songs. Overall the EP is a good listen, it's just a shame that every song wasn't on the same level as the title track.