This is an archive of the band profile for Those Delta Wolves.

Formed in 2013 under a full moon, Those Delta Wolves started forging tracks from blood, sweat and the tears of unicorns. The wolf pack soon hit the local gig scene and branched out further still, making some important additions to the pack on the way. The band compromises of Drummer Mark, a Scotsman with an upside down belly who is possessed by the spirit of Bonham but can't quite manage the facial hair. Mark's drumsticks last approximately 15 minutes before turning into wood chips. Singer/guitarist Jonny Von Grun is an inked up, growly, beardy bar steward. A natural pack leader, Jonny likes loud noises, milk and doesn't shy from a knife fight. Bassist Aaron is a super smooth, tall, dark, snake hipped South Central European who's long fingers put Entwistle to shame. Guitarist Ben is a country gent who brews beer in his shed and enjoys sporting a beard (mainly to save on heating and razor bills). He once touched Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder but lawyers have told him to keep his distance from now on..