This article was published in 2013.

Brimming with electronic occult conjurations and zodiacal turn of phase, Archetypal's second creation is nothing short of magical in its ritualistic construction. As a follow up to his first EP 'Absolute', drummer and producer Archetypal takes a more minimal approach, exchanging profuse percussive arrangements for an increased focus on emptiness and space. Ever a fan of the surreal, Archetypal's oddity is realised on tracks like 'Wallpeeper' and 'Munster' (ode to Aleister Crowley), featuring guitar manipulated drums and sampled PVC door locks evolving menacingly along to synth choppy lead lines.

Whilst the EP features beat heavy in the demonic, a more angelic side can be heard through tracks 'Beachcomb' and 'Sage', creating visions of golden dunes, barrelling waves and smoke filled pillow-clouds of mystic herb. Sandwiched between is 'In The Court Of', a nod to Elizabethan occultist John Dee featuring mandolin, whilst further tripping takes us through 'Trunk': a time distorted, hyper bass cosmic quest of the microcosm and beyond.

Emanations is now available to stream in full and will be released digitally through 4th Note on 12th August 2013, available to purchase from all major digital outlets and bandcamp.

The new video for 'Munster' can be viewed below.