This is a review of "Violescent" recorded by ENVOYS. The review was written by Cat Keller in 2013.

Firstly, like with most Post-Rock esque albums you have to listen to the full thing to reap the benefits. Therefore, I did just that when listening to Leeds based post-rock/metal quartet. I think it's safe to say, this album will be a grower; on a personal level I have found this hard to come to terms with this due to post-rock being 'my genre'. However, I didn't feel there was enough punch and pizazz as I would have liked / hoped / expected... especially knowing the band being heavily influenced by metal. I remember 'metal' as a kid (I think we all went through the metal, emo phase, saying that I'm still in my emo phase now but...) being aggressive and punchy, something which this album doesn't lack, that would be very harsh and inaccurate, but something which it doesn't hold enough of.

However, I do like the opening to the album, 'Bread & Bullfights'; this is a fantastic opening, the use of layering the drums to create a atmospheric whirlpool of echoes is very effective and something which captures me. Note how I haven't spoken about each track individually, like I said before, albums like this are for me a continuation of tracks, 30 minutes of heavy riffs and atmosphere. Therefore, my overall take on this album is that ENVOYS are a band for a live environment, listening to these tracks live would probably take your breathe away. It almost achieves that with the album, but there is something missing from the ingredients, which is probably the live aspect of the music; live post-rock is meaty, gritty and unclean so I look forward to having an opportunity to listen to the band live - and so should you.