This is a review of "Spooky Roller Disco" recorded by The Spills. The review was written by Glen Pinder in 2013.

This 'download only' EP from Wakefield's The Spills sounds like four lads recording to tape and having the best time doing so, adding a rougher edge to their earlier polished sound. 'Frakin' A' is a buzz saw rip roar of evasive lyrics and heavy riffage, while 'Going Back to Missoula, Montana' is a slow building seven minute anthem in the making. It builds and builds, the band barley able to keep hold of the reigns as drums and guitars clatter along and into each other, just about holding on to the pace. An exhilarating ride indeed. 'Gretna Green', already a live favourite, is a great romp along of big choruses and Nineties fuzz tone guitar work-outs. Rounding off with 'Long Weekend', it has the feel of being recorded after a long weekend, with lazy guitar and half tired, half stoned delivery it finishes up the EP to great effect.