This is a review of "Fresh Fruit / Umbrella of Life" recorded by The Soul Circle Gang. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

This EP is comprised of two tracks, 'Fresh Fruit' and 'Umbrella of Life'. For those of you who don't know Soul Circle Gang mix soul, reggae to create a project that is mind blowing. That is them live. This being their first EP I was hoping that it would be able to capture their explosive live sound. Sadly this wasn't completely the case.

'Fresh Fruit' represents the reggae side of The Soul Circle Gang. Disappointingly this track was drab and felt like it really wasn't going anywhere. The three and a half minutes seemed to last way too long. It didn't translate well from the live setting.

Second track 'Umbrella of Life' was in the complete opposite direction. It's perfect of balance of funk and soul and is a much better representation of this band. The five and a half minutes passed by in what felt like seconds.

Hopefully music released by this group in the future will continue to be as interesting and diverse as 'Umbrella of Life' is.