This is a review of "This Modern World EP" recorded by Nervous Twitch. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Nervous Twitch, a four piece "Catchy garage-punk" band from Leeds have recently released their second EP 'This Modern World'.

First off let's just say that their sound is a breath of fresh air, if you're too used to over produced songs. This lo-fi punk rock seems to do what punk was made to do. The EP tends to lean more towards the pop side of the musical spectrum, rather than bawl you over with punk aggression. It does this well enough, with catchy enough choruses. The chorus to 'This Modern World' definitely encapsulates the pop side of the band and is probably the most interesting part of the whole EP. 'Baby I'm Bored with You' is jarring to say the least. The distorted guitars grate on the ears, and the lack of aggression makes this raw punk song mediocre at best. 'You Ask Me Why' is a nice musical time machine. I can't help but think of a softer Bad Brains when this track plays. Nervous Twitch definitely work better with less distortion on their guitars and more interesting vocal combinations.

The final track on the EP is 'Stuck In The Mind' is not bad, but it's not gonna blow your mind with an epic finish. All in all 'not bad' is the best way to describe this EP. It's not a major departure from their first EP 'Bad Reputation', if you already loved that you'll love this. Otherwise if you got some free time on your hands why not give it a listen?