This is a review of "Bruises & Business" recorded by Bearfoot Beware. The review was written by Cat Keller in 2013.

Third EP 'Bruises & Business' from Leeds' genre destroying trio, Bearfoot Beware, is a smash HIT. Remember 'BASS LANE'? Well this is a couple of hops, skips and a jump up from that. Yes, they still have the rawness, and the distinctive Bearfoot sound. Every song, is layer upon layer of different elements, thrown into a washing machine, as a cat watched it spin and hung out to dry. I know, exciting.

Each track is so goddam catchy, or should I say choppy! What I find when I'm listening to BB is that I can't sit still. Remember that YouTube video which became every rad kids favourite pastime? 'How To Dance To Math Rock'? Well yeah, you're probably going to look like that dude when listening to this EP. Vocalist, Tom Bradley's voice has developed a tremendous amount from when I first came across them. It's more controlled now, but still maintaining the fire and explosions without the 'ho flong fling', no. 55 on the Chinese menu.

Comparing 'Bruises and Business' to their previous releases, it's more of a mature EP. BB have become a band who we should watch out for. Playing the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds and Reading in 2012, told us they were 'no fly by night' Band! Bruises & Business is the hard evidence to back it up. Bearfoot Beware, messing with rhythms and heads since 2010.