This is a review of "More than hoped for EP" recorded by Dave Pilla. The review was written by Jimmy Horrigan in 2013.

Recently I unwittingly reviewed music put out more than two years ago so to remedy my proven inability to check clearly labelled release dates on a Bandcamp page I wanted to tell you about Dave Pilla's latest offering. Those earlier tracks made a big impression on me; channelling the spirit of some of my favourite artists, and were swiftly added to the unhealthily long Americana playlist in permanent residence on my desktop. Before hearing the new songs I wondered if the old ones were possibly too good to be bettered. I needn't have worried though: it's clear after one listen that Dave Pilla's writing is richer than before, the production more polished and the texture of his music more developed. The four songs each have a character of their own however it's the the vocals that provide a delicate constant, a sweet intersection, achieving a beautiful consistency.

"Doing wrong" is warm and as the opening choice for the EP works really well. You'll possibly hear similarities to Justin Vernon's debut album in the first few bars but it flowers and grows into something stunning and original. Not for the only time here you'll find the strength and true heart of the song lies in the final minute of music. "The Fields" backs this up. It's the stand-out track for me anyway but it becomes greater still when, avoiding the ballad cliché of the fade-out, the music shifts from wistful canzonet to impassioned Flamenco. "Hollow days" has a gentle drift on a boating-lake type rhythm to it that runs perfectly below some nicely subtle syncopation on the vocals which, in a different sense this time, gives more dimension to the music. "More than hoped for", the final track, then shows a darker side to Dave's sound with an added edginess as a blues vibe starts to peer over the walls of modernity.

I'm really very impressed with this guy's music. He manages to achieve both timeless and of the now and makes it sound so effortless. The only reason I'm not giving it full marks is because the songs will just keep getting better and better, and so leaving room for the perfect ten might just will that to happen sooner.

To listen to the tracks visit Dave Pilla's Bandcamp page where you can download or order a physical copy for a mere five pounds. You'll find him on Facebook and Twitter too where you can find out where and when to catch him playing live.