This is a review of "Answers" recorded by Juno. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Forming as a three piece in 2008, Juno underwent a few line-up changes in order to become the band that brings you 'Answers'. Recorded in London, this four piece punk rock band could easily be mistaken as an upcoming band in America, if you didn't know they were from Leeds. These guys are completely unafraid of wearing their influences on their sleeve. The Rise Against influence stood at most for me, if you're familiar with punk rock everything this band does will be easily recognisable. From the drum beats, guitar tones and vocals, everything this band does is extremely familiar. In a live setting this might work, the high energy and sing along choruses may have you so engaged that you'll forget about their lack of originality.

Speaking of sing along choruses, after a couple of listens singing along becomes mandatory. All three songs on the EP include grandiose choruses that are delivered well enough for you not to get tired of them. In fact, all that happens is the repeat button gets pushed for the whole EP.

'Answers' is alright. There is not enough here to stop a listener from just going back and listening to this band's influences. However, if originality isn't a make or break deal for you, give these guys a try.