This article was published in 2013.

NARCS have set their sights on X Factor with new track 'Karaoke'. They challenge the willingness to accept mediocrity, rather than an actual lack of talent.

The track is taken from their debut album 'Two Birds, One Stone Later' which is available from Bandcamp, iTunes, BigCartel and at Jumbo Records

"...[NARCS] seep angst from every pore. There's exquisite riffage & an undeniable groove similar to the great stoner-rock acts like Queens of the Stone Age. It's exciting, no-holds barred, rock 'n' roll"
7Bit Arcade

" NARCS are a little bit like a rollercoaster with some serious twists but one that you will go straight to the back of the queue to ride again and again and again"
Elusive Little Comments

"[19] is tight, melodic, insistent, well produced and at 2 minutes 22 seconds harnesses as much muscle as you can pack into a song. It has energy, verve and drive in equal measure and doesn't contain a single ounce of fat. The best single of the year so far"
Rhubarb Bomb