This is an archive of the band profile for Misled Vision.

Jan, Heather, Kim and Eege or Misled Vision as they're collectively known, are a completely self-taught melodic metal band from Leeds with a sound quite unlike other bands. The songs they have written themselves mix complex drumbeats, using double bass to great effect with heavy guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics being sung with contrasting soft melodic vocals and in-your-face roaring vocals. They are constantly writing new louder, heavier and more interesting songs. They also do a couple of covers by well known bands, for example 'Target Audience' by Marilyn Manson and 'Charlotte' by Kittie.

They have been together for over a year and after 30+ gigs and with the 'Bitter Kiss EP' now out they are experimenting with different guitar tunings and vocal styles for their new original material ready for their upcoming recording sessions. .