This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Quicklime. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

There is a feeling of beginnings about the CD from Bright Young Things selected Quicklime. It's very "home recordings" in presentation (an unlabelled tape) and in it's sound. The guitars are fuzzed, sort of the sound you get when you plug your guitar straight into a 4-track and turn the level right up. Saying that I don't think that is how this has been recorded, that's just the sort of lo-fi edge and feel the tape installs.

As with a few recordings I've received this tape is let down, not by the quality of song writing, but in the delivery of the vocals. They don't really excite, nor do they ever seem to get involved in the music at all. On a different level, they're remarkably clear, which is a nice touch over the top of some hints-of-but-post-grunge, hints-of-but-post-Britpop riffs and progressions. Very simple, yet effective.

The second and final track is my favourite, it shows more depth to the overall writing, unfortunately the vocal style and delivery does not play a part again. Also, for interests sake, the vocals of the same song have exactly the same delivery as with the opener: they both pause prior to the last word of each line which eventually gets slightly annoying. Both tracks would have come across much better with a bit of variance, perhaps just a rough edge or some feeling.

Quicklime have chosen a saturated genre to get into, and they need to perfect all aspects in order to stand out and succeed. The chance of recording for BYT should be a welcome boost, and I hope it gives them the extra push they need.