This article was published in 2013.

Virtuoso guitarist Jon Gomm has confirmed that his next album - titled 'Secrets Nobody Keeps' - will be released on 25th November 2013.

Produced by Whiskas, whose expertise at painting sonic landscapes in the studio and his background made him the perfect fit musically and business-ethic-wise for the project, 'Secrets Nobody Keeps' was 100% crowd funded in the short space of 4 weeks in a whirlwind PledgeMusic campaign that drew on the power of Jon's millions of fans and viewers worldwide.

The album is a thrilling and evocative collection of music without boundaries, an attribute which Jon is keen to emphasise came from the lack of record label involvement, with fan funding giving him complete creative control.

Across 10 tracks the album captures the thrilling live energy that comes from his unique combination of haunting, angelic vocals and exquisitely complex and rhythmic finger-style guitar playing. The music is entirely created with Jon's acoustic guitar affectionately known as Wilma, with no other bass, percussion, loops or overdubs used to produce the unique sound of this album.

Stand-out tracks include an instrumental tune called 'Wukan Motorcycle Kid' written especially for, and debuted in, Beijing on Jon's recent China tour:

"Every night in China I would explain to the audience about the Wukan Uprising of 2011 (when a little town rebelled against the state) and about this brave kid I saw on TV who was riding his scooter around the streets at night, hunting for secret police so he could warn the locals" explains Gomm "It was never reported on Chinese media, so it was kind of awe inspiring to use music to convey such powerful information. Luckily I still got out of the country OK!"

You can order the album direct from Jon via

Watch the video for album track 'Passionflower' below: