This article was published in 2013.

Allusondrugs have announced that their new double A-side single - MyCat / Fruit - will be released on Monday November 11th via Clue Records.

Allusondrugs, a 5 piece from Castleford, are a band of messed up fuzz junkies led by intensely charismatic front man Jason Moules.

Their new single follows from the success of their sold-out debut single 'Plasters'. It was recorded near Leeds, and both tracks are bursting with huge psych-tinged grunge riffs, spaced out guitar effects, rhythmic pulsating drums and hypnotic vocals that shred into gut-wrenching wails.

You can listen to "MyCat" below:

The double A-side single will be released on Clue Records on November 11th as a limited edition CD run of 100. It will be available at Jumbo Records, Crash Records, as well as online at Bandcamp and iTunes.