This is an archive of the band profile for Ed Stones & The BD3.

If you like your retro, metro, dubiously hetero, smacked up, jumped up, mulleted, cosseted, fashionista, too cool, new school, pretty, shitty, processed, hydrogenated, reconstituted, fat-free, colourless, odourless, flavourless, 'I can't believe it's not rock n roll' leftovers (may contain traces of hair, teeth and eyeballs), then get yourself to an unmentionable fast food outlet and carry on pretending that what you're eating even knows what a cow looks like, because you won't like this band.

But if you want to taste something straight from the ground - raw, fresh, filthy and still alive - then come closer ...

It might well have been because he moved up north, or simply because he evolved from a solo artist into a musical collective, but this Grantham-born Bradford-based singer/songwriter is here with his band to provide a range of sounds - from rockabilly, punk & country via the blues with a pit stop at the rock 'n roll school, topped off nicely with catchy melodies and great lyrics - Like a juicy jam pasty that your granny used to make.

'Thirteen Burning Trees' (5 track EP, Jan 2013)
'Ed Stones & The BD3' (15 track LP, October 2013)
'This Is The Life' (14 track LP, June 2014)
'You're Not A Real Man 'Till You've Got Blood On Your Sword' (1 track download only single, December 2014)
'Cook Book' (22 track LP, November 2015).