This is a review of "Unfold" recorded by OtherPeoplesLives. The review was written by Sian Goodwin in 2013.

Describing themselves as 'textural and atmospheric', five piece Leeds band OtherPeoplesLives certainly impress. Built on hypnotic intricate guitar lines, electronic beats and tentative dreamy lyrics, they are definitely something special to look out for.

Feet-tappingly good, each member of the band bring their own dynamics and influences, adding pulsing rhythms and upping the emotional intensity, creating a perfect blend of post-rock and ambient electronica that is hauntingly beautiful.

After releasing their Debut EP 'Unfold' they gained repeated airplay at the BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, along with their singles 'Idiosynchronicity' and 'Intention'. They also managed to secure a place at the annual Futuresound 2013 competition, held at The Cockpit, Leeds earlier this year.

Incredibly modest though, I can't help but feel the band need more confidence and presence, to fully establish themselves and stand out as a first-class Leeds band amongst the rest. Saying that though, OtherPeoplesLives are definitely a band going places, so keep your eyes peeled.