This is a review of "An Inch of Doubt" recorded by Born Thief. The review was written by Dave Franklin in 2013.

In a world that it is generally filled with identikit indie rock at one extreme, and disposable studio-hatched, created by committee, dance music at the other; it is great to come across a band who manage to take the best of what remains from both ends of the spectrum and morph them into something more than the sum of their parts. By taking the originality and depth of production, normally associated with the former and the groove filled infectious beats of the latter, the result is a perfect chilled, late night number that you will still have on repeat when the sun comes up.

Born Thief have taken a clever route. Rather than try to squeeze into an already over saturated music industry and join the queue of hopefuls, grateful for any scraps thrown their way from the private party that it has become, they have instead created their own small music industry around themselves. They are not only the musicians, but the studio engineers, producers, video crew, web-masters and marketing departments. It seems the obvious way to go, however few seem to pull it off as successfully as this band.

An Inch of Doubt reeks of exclusive late night dance clubs as opposed to the downtown cattle markets, it is a smooth operator, slick, emotive and as cool as it comes. If this song were a person you would have to forgive the smug look on its face, because why wouldn't it have a smug look on its face...I mean, just listen to it.