This is an archive of the band profile for Gurgles.

Augustin - Singing, Fender Rhodes, OSCar Synth, Roland Space Echo, Rotary Speaker
Nanette - Singing, Fender Precision alike Fretless Bass,
Bradley - Drumming

Brother/sister Augustin Bousfield and Nanette Brimble along with Bradley Cunningham are Gurgles.

Gurgles are space-echo drenched. Rotary speaker-ed Fender Rhodes, phasing OSCar synthesiser and off-kilter arrangements recall a psychedelic Steely Dan, Jim O'Rourke and Dennis Wilson hovering over the Bradford skyline with a Yellow Magic Orchestra synth fizzing in and out of orbit.

Far out they may be, but pop music is Gurgles' foundation with glistening hooks and sibling harmonies.

Gurgles named Bandcrush of the week in the NME by MJ from Hookworms, who also recorded the new single at his Suburban Home Studio.

Repeatedly told they have the poshest names in the universe, Gurgles are actually from Bradford.

Augustin is also half of noisy prog-pop 6Music 'Freakzone' favourites 'Mucky Sailor'

'Mucky Sailor's manic noise-rock infused playfulness has borne remarkable, surprisingly psychedelic fruit on their debut album. a record of striking sonic depth and scope.'
Rough Trade

He was previously in the intense, krautesque, 'Nope'.His previous Leeds DIY record label Stench of Muscle was featured as Huw Stephens' DIY label of the week.

The forthcoming single also features 2 bonus downloads, 'Over The Valley' - a repeating nightmare of ever rising sea in Staithes and 'Eccleshill' - a love letter to BD2.