This is a review of "Creature Feature" recorded by Piskie Sits. The review was written by Tom Leech in 2013.

If you like Wakefield bands then you're probably familiar with Piskie Sits. It's certainly a long time since their last album and it even felt like a long time between 'Viktoria Plzen' was featured on Philophobia Records compilation in the summer, but 'Creature Feature' is finally here...and it was worth the wait!

The opening track 'I Know And You'll Know', offers a laid-back, stop & start sound, that prepares the listening for what the band is about to throw their way. 'Waiting For The Dance of Death' & 'Feat. Pharrell Williams' all offer potential 'anthem' songs that deserve to be heard (and sung along with) by packed venues nationwide.

'Fin' sees a different side to the previous 4 songs allowing us to appreciate the the dynamic and production of the album. Programmed jump beats, arpeggiated guitars drop in and out as the Hammond-esque organ accompanies the somewhat simple vocal melody. Not to go soft on us 'Young, Dumb And Full of It' sets Piskie Sits back in to their groove.

"This Good This Bad' is probably one of the stranger songs on the album. Vocalist Craig sounds somewhat like the drunk fool in the pub on a Friday night for the first half of the song before ushering what will be the catchiest section of the song when he utters 'Gonna take this back to my love...' is the start of a slow descent in to mayhem...and it's incredible. The clever use of suspense & the hard hitting drums make us pine for the vocals to hit us and you won't be left disappointed.

'Viktoria Plzeň' probably solidifies why this album is brilliant. It doesn't even scrape three minutes long, but it gives us two choruses that are catchy as hell without becoming annoying, despite being on repeat for twenty minutes. Ending with 'Solitary Late Nite Drinker', though leaves a sour taste in the mouth, it's not a bad song but after the adrenaline rush of the previous nine songs it's somewhat disappointing.

The Alt-Rock anthems that Leeds doesn't have are what's on offer with 'Creature Feature' and hopefully it will give Piskie Sits the chance to play with other big name acts like The Fall, Wild Beasts, & Frightened Rabbit.