This is an archive of the band profile for Pin Stripe Tuesday.

Pin Stripe Tuesday are a fast- paced 4 piece hailing from the hills of Huddersfield deep in the heart of Yorkshire, and have been chiselling their punchy and hairy chested indie sound since the latter months of 2012. After a 2014 spent getting the 'foot in the door' in cities such as Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester, Pin Stripe Tuesday are looking to take their ballsy Indie sound to the far corners of the UK in what could potentially be a huge year for them. Having just released their strongest EP to date, PICTUREHOUSE in November 2014, 2015 could be a year where PST achieve great things with their combination of manic drums, glistening guitars and the beautifully broad vocals that Yorkshire is famous for.

Will Graham - Vocals
Ryan Smith - Guitar
Ash Haworth - Bass
Callum Taylor - Drums.