This is a review of "No Wave EP" recorded by InSatellites. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Here with their 'refined mixture of grunge and alt-rock' in the form of the No Wave EP are Leeds band InSatellites. Released a couple of months back, this is the follow up to their 2010 EP. Showing to be a more refined upgrade, these Yorkshire lads show quite great song writing on this new release.

Opening track 'No Wave' is a mixture of gloom and sorrow, building up to show of vocal talents of lead vocalist/guitarist Jack Burgess-Hunt, helped by a harmonic backing vocals from other members of the band, and some music tech tricks here and there that don't stand out as gimmicks but help the song on its way.

It demonstrates various aspects of their sound, from the spacey/gloomy/sorrow filled sections towards the more in your face alt. rock sound they've showed previously. And it's also a good opener to their sound in general for newcomers.

Second track 'Sylvester' is the highlight. With a a great melody for the chorus and a little prog guitar riff that has ears sit up and pay attention. It is a simplistic yet doesn't completely fall into the trap of generic rock song. This is the song on the EP that highlights InSatellites' ability to include catchy choruses, inclusive of prog elements and a strong melody, while still retaining their gritty alt. rock sound.

Sadly the last track just kinda washes over without creating too much of an impact. It highlights InSatellites underlying problem with sticking out more from the crowd.

However they do write good songs with some great standout moments, and in spite of the last song, it's something worth checking out.