This is a review of "Mother" recorded by Treason Kings. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2014.

"Four guys that live in a house and make music in their basement". And what music too. Treason Kings's debut EP entitled 'Mother', may actually smack you in the face.

If opening track "Mother" was to express any quality that would be heaviness. The main guitar riff is like bringing the hammer down and bringing out chaos. To be honest, that low growling feedback at the start of the song was a suitable enough warning. Being the first track, tells you the basics of this band. They are hard rock with a heavier edge. However they still could fit in a category with the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown and such.

Providing more dynamism with "Hollow (Outhouse Demo" changing the focus to song writing. The effect is something more on the softer side. However when the chorus hits there is an overall feeling of "meh" as these guys aren't pushing past anything that's been done before. They do equal it though.

For last song "With The Sun", lead singer gets a little Maynard (Tool) on the vocals. This time the song is much better, like they've playing around with formulas in order to find the right one with this. It truly is a pity that outside a heavier guitar tone they don't have much to add to what's already aplenty in this style. Yet, do not dismiss the fact that what they do is some of the best you'll hear in this genre. And the fact that this is all from Leeds is only a bonus.