This is a review of "Sometimes Life's Cool" recorded by Mi Mye. The review was written by Tom Leech in 2014.

Mi Mye (pronounced My My) is the creation of Jamie Lockhart who is probably best known as one of the masterminds at Greenmount Studios and the sound guru at The Hop in Wakefield. Sometimes Life's Cool is their first album on Philophobia and it's not a disappointing one.

Launch single and opening track 'Great Sucksess' kicks off with a bang. The up tempo, ruthless acoustic guitars and Jamie's splendid vocals are enough to cheer up anybody with the blues. This is all in spite of the lyrics, which as easily relatable as they can be make me wonder if they're tinged with irony (I hope not).

It's probably really cheap to compare Jamie's vocals to fellow Scot James Allen of Glasvegas, but as soon as 'When I Get Home' kicks in it was the first thing that came to mind. A more depressing, lonely number about love (another reason to compare to Glasvegas) and possibly my favourite track, well almost.

In a quick change of emotions, fun and happy song 'Sometimes Life's Cool' describes the excitement of a platonic relationship with a female friend. The song never really slows down to tell us how she ends up breaking his heart and that's great because it's a song that's just too cool to be miserable.

'What I Love' is probably the standout track on the album, a Bright Eyes -esque track that combines an upbeat rhythm with a sad story and the ever depressing violin.

In an ever growing Wakefield scene Mi Mye add a chaotic folk (not the Jake Bugg bullshit) presence that it has possibly lacked. Sometimes Life's Cool in a nutshell is that perfect album for those cold winter journeys to work or for when after a long hard day when you're sat round the fire.'