This is a review of "I don't want to make you happy, I want to make you cry" recorded by The Grand. The review was written by Sian Goodwin in 2014.

Wakefield's The Grand got their big break last year when they played the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds and Reading festival and have since gone on to release their 2-track EP titled 'I don't want to make you happy, I want to make you cry'.

The EP is rather impressive, with credible lyrics that admittedly, I didn't expect from a small band from Wakefield. Describing themselves as 'transatlantic indie-pop' their songs are very catchy, with chorus's you can imagine echoing around any festival crowd.

Conveying quite a sombre tone throughout, the emotive title-track gives a strong sense that not only are the heartfelt vocals lyrics in a song, but words with a real meaning behind them. This vibe continues in the second track 'All of the Ocean', this time armed with strong (but not over-powering) guitar riffs and moody, yet moving lyrics.

They deserve to be recognized as more than just a Yorkshire indie-band, but a bloody good Yorkshire indie-band! Definitely worth a listen, their album is due to be released this year, so check them out.