This is a review of "Parachute" recorded by The Seagulls. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2014.

Ahead of their upcoming debut album, radio-friendly indie pop band The Seagulls are set to release their single 'Parachute' on the 7th of March. This Leeds based 5 piece have taken their 60s influences and added their own flare to create a sound that's a breath of fresh air in comparison with the rest of popular music today.

The key to 'Parachute' is in the simplicity, not trying to be over complex allows them to really build the song up, with well placed vocal harmonies and a melody that will stick in your head for a long time after the song has finished. Sound wise everything sits in perfect balance, with the vocals just riding over the top of everything smoothly.

The entire song seems effortless, while having enough punch to it to catch your attention. The fact that there aren't a million different sounds competing for your attention really allows you to be at the heart of the song upon instantly hearing it.

Following is a cover of 'Summer Wine' which is a nice treat, that compliments 'Parachute' nicely. Considering the fact that this song has already been covered by many famous artists, such as U2 with the Corrs and Lana Del Ray, it doesn't feel inferior in comparison. Instead of playing on the sad tones of the original, their cover creates a feeling of emptiness.

It's brilliantly done and it completely justifies why they recorded their own version of a song that's already been covered by quite a few famous artists already. If the album follows the standard of this single, then we're in for a treat.