This is an archive of the band profile for The Sneakers.

The Sneakers were one of the most popular bands on the Leeds pub circuit between 1977 and 1979. They are fondly remembered by fans who went to the gigs, Haddon Hall, Staging Post, Fforde Green and many more.

The Sneakers style was quirky pop/rock with memorable songs often referencing 1950,s And 1960's British pop culture together with comic book styled references to the war, adventure and romance.

Dave Parkinson was the genius behind the lyrics and his songs were laced with crazy runs on the keyboard. Russ Elias was the charismatic front man and superb guitarist who seemed to be able to play any style. Russ often kept the crowd going while Barry Lights, road manager repaired keyboards/forms/amps etc. The Rhythm section of Andy Rawson, later played with Roy Sundholm/also The Charlie Speed band, and John Shepherd, still playing in 2014, was superb. From 1978, the band reformed with Rob Lowther on second guitar, and Andy Cave, of The Jerks fame on the drums. The much sought after record deal never materialised as the music scene in the 70's morphed from Glam to punk to new wave..