This is an archive of the band profile for All I Live For.

ALL I LIVE FOR is a four-piece rock band from Leeds, UK. The band has been working on their upcoming album, which will be released in early 2015, and have been showcasing their new material at recent live shows.

The band were forced to take a short break during the summer of 2014 due to Anthony Frith leaving the band, and therefore spent time seeking a new guitarist. Rick Walker has been the perfect replacement and has brought much more to the band.

"Compelling, well-crafted songs! Powerful sound! Great instrumentation and vocals." - Juliann Andreen

There is a definite passion for music at the core of this band. Mike Pearson's soaring vocals and love of emotive harmonies and choral sections are neatly combined with Rick Walker's heavy guitar riffs and amazing lead solos. Paul Scott lays down the underlying 'oomph' with his solid bass lines and Ben Duffy brings the whole sound together with his resolute and precise drum playing.

Common influences range from Muse and Alter Bridge to the heaviness of Killswitch Engage. You can really hear the intense dynamics and energy that's crafted into the sound of All I Live For.

"Awesome! Love the fat guitar sounds, and great playing, cool songs and a classic metal edge. Nice!" - The Professor and Naomi Kay

The internet has been a great resource for the band, especially now that they have a loyal global following on Twitter and Facebook. Across the social networks, All I Live For now has well over 16,000 fans!

"Wicked playlist guys... such punch and tightness to your playing... the songs are all scorchers... packed with killer riffs, though 'Save Our Hearts' has a particularly catchy chorus... and the vocals are simply fantastic... so rich and soulful and soaring... what an amazing sound you're creating here!" - Mike White Presents.