This is an archive of the band profile for Kick Em Jenny & The Volcanoes.

The Band From The Other Side. Exactly where we cannot say but we came together in a Meteorite shower on a dark night in October 2012.

Since then we have been mashing around to make some sounds and the Natives seemed to like it so we keep going.

Jenny Dangerous -Guitar Lyrics and Lead Vocals- A creature born of fire from the red pools of Jupiter was the first one to notice the possibility's of carnage and wonder.

So, She reach into the Crater and pulled out what can only be described as a' Master 'look alike from Dr Who- Razor Ricky bass and arrangements-. As a result of volcanic eruptions does not sing but utters deep rumblings when he gets excited.

When the Smoke cleared a small creature appeared; Betty - drums lyric- Banging out radioactive blasts that could be heard over the eastern skies of Hungary.

Together they produced sounds in an explosion molten desires.

Sounds that are sure to scare small children and to seduce Earth Men into many perils and aeons to come..