This is a review of "Nervous" recorded by Allusondrugs. The review was written by Ciaran in 2014.

Allusondrugs have no album yet, a few singles, and a tight sound. It's understandable that their new song is called Nervous - what new band in 2014 wouldn't be - but it's also contradictory. There's confidence and harmony in this slice of lo-fi, fuzzy melodica that recalls the jangly meandering of Californian pop duo Best Coast.

They may have fallen victim to lazy and unjust comparisons thanks to their previous efforts (channelling the Pixes and wishing you'd written In Bloom does not a new Nirvana make) but on Nervous, Allusondrugs manage to balance originality with influence.

The track is rounded out with Handicapped, which picks up the pace and hints at prog-rock jamming in their live set, and a wispy acoustic demo of Nervous. 'This could be the worst thing I've done' worries front man Jason Moules. If it is, we can look forward to the best.

Nervous is released through Clue Records on April 28th.