This is a review of "Self Destruction for Beginners" recorded by The Loved Ones (UK). The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

"Experimental? Avant-garde? Lo-fi? Analogue? Acoustic? Just plain odd?" - Nick Copland advertises for bands to play for the new Strychnine Lounge gigs to start up at The Packhorse in the New Year.

Answering the call are Bradford's five piece The Loved Ones, who are set to appear at the venue on 26th January bringing with them their 13 track album "Self Destruction for Beginners". Why they answered a call for experimental or odd bands is pretty obvious really: they are the reason "quirky" was added into the dictionary.

Although it is a genre I know very little about, I am very glad I was sent a CD because I've enjoyed every minute of listening to it; The Loved Ones have proved there can be some enjoyment in music. It's tight, accomplished, well produced, very well presented and a mix, to my limited knowledge, of Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and touches of Space. My personal favourite is the third track on the CD, the title song "Self Destruction for Beginners".

I enjoyed this so much that I played it to the people who I work alongside.

"It's like one of those eccentric New Orleans' funeral marches"

"Reminds me of a circus, or perhaps one of those sea-front shows"

There you go, if you like to be entertained without really knowing what it is you are being entertained with, or perhaps this is your scene anyway, then take a look in January - I'm sure they will impress some of you. Whether they have achieved their aims, I don't know, but I've had a couple of days of fun listening to their album.