This is a review of "Underbank Hall / Quick Release" recorded by Backyards. The review was written by Colin Zeal in 2014.

This double a-side single may not have had the immediacy to attain wider appeal and media coverage that Backyards deserve, in an all too shallow world, though it's good to see a band sticking to their principles and sound.

Underbank Hall has fragility to the lyrical theme that is matched perfectly with the music. An understated grower that ebbs and flows emotionally, violin underpinning the backdrop as the lead singer pleads "I will change for you / I will walk home if you want me to".

Repeated plays bring out more depth to the track and reward you not with a big chorus to sweep you off your feet, but teasing moments that build then fall away after burying into your consciousness.

Quick Release is a touch more obvious in its approach, coming in at just over the three minute mark; drums and guitar are far more prevalent, again though it also has a pleasing edge of world weariness to the track and forms an excellent companion to the opener.

Clearly a band that are growing and developing in confidence, the two tracks provide a definite taster of what you can expect if you catch them live, as well as a real appetite for a full length album in the future.