This article was published in 2014.

Leeds based glam punk quintet The idol Dead are at it again ... a pledge campaign that is!

After the great success of crowd funding their 2nd album, Dark Little Hearts, the boys have been beavering away at Purple Pro Audio and Eiger studios to write that difficult 3rd album. After many months of blood sweat and tears they finally had enough songs to approach producer Carl Rosamond to talk about Pledging and Pre-Production.

Carl was very excited about the project so The Idol Dead started to build their campaign site on

They added incentives like T-shirts, Cover Versions, chances to sing on the album, bespoke bracelets and much, much more.

After a week the lads are at almost 50% ... not quite smashing it like Eureka Machines did, but still absolutely brilliant for an independent band with no management or outside help.

The Idol Dead hope to release the album sometime in the Autumn - and they couldn't be more excited!

In the meantime though, they also have a new video out, featuring Leeds songstress Claire Cameron.