This is an archive of the band profile for Send More Paramedics.

Send More Paramedics weds 80s style thrash metal hardcore to an obsession with zombie B-movies. The band played their first live show on Halloween 2001 and since then have been enthralling audiences up and down the UK with their brain-splattered, gore-drenched theatrical live show, which has been dubbed "semi-legendary" by Terrorizer magazine. The initial 5-song demo cassette has achieved almost cult status in underground circles, and September 2002 witnessed the release of their debut full length recording, "A Feast For The Fallen" (In At The Deep End Records), a 12 track CD of hardcore mayhem suggesting influences from such bands as Slayer, Bane and The Fantomas. In their short career so far Send More Paramedics have made a considerable impact on the DIY hardcore punk scene, playing with such bands as Strike Anywhere (US), Ensign (US), and Imbalance (UK). A European tour and another full-length release are planned. .