This article was published in 2014.

LMS Towers has been a hive of activity in the last few months and our bees have been busy collecting articles from far and wide, in order to bring you the latest announcements in the run up to the festival season, the most exciting six months on the musical calendar. The promise of new music is oozing like honey from the honeycomb and we cannot wait to hear all the new and emerging artists' glorious sounds.

As you know, for the last fifteen years, LMS has been committed to bringing you the best in news and reviews, from local and international bands that grace our fair city. Historically, we have brought you anything from Kaiser Chiefs' first gigs as Parva, to Pulled Apart By Horses reviews from when they used to play smaller venues such as 360club in Hyde Park; a launch pad for some of the best music our city has to offer.

In our endeavours we are always looking at new features for our ever-expanding musical resource which brought me to Jumbo Records, probably the best independent record store in the UK. Jumbo Records, who opened their doors over 40 years ago, actively promote and help to sustain our thriving local scene. It was after being in attendance at Record Store Day, one of the main features in Jumbo's calendar (which feels like a 'call to arms' for Leeds, before the festival season starts), that got us thinking. Each year the event gets bigger and better, with in-store activity and a pop up gig venue outside which this year saw established bands Cud and The Ukrainians play alongside upcoming bands such as Maia, Tomorrow We sail, Jacques Caramac, Sentimentalists and David Neil.

I managed to catch up with Hunter from Jumbo Records, to discuss what the discerning record buying public of Leeds are spending their hard earned money on and we thought you would like to know too. Who cares what the 'Official UK Chart' says? We are going to bring you the 'Jumbo Records - Pick Of The Month' - after all, nothing else matters! So, in an exciting new feature, we will be bringing you the top 10 must haves and best sellers as compiled by Adam Gillison. In addition to this, Matt Bradshaw, Jumbo's local product specialist, will be bringing you the top selling Yorkshire artists and recommendations for your aural pleasure.

Look out for the first 'Jumbo Records - Pick Of The Month' in the next few days.

We know good music and we love to share it with you, so let us know your thoughts. What have you bought, what have you heard and what will you be buying ?