This is an archive of the band profile for Seven Hours.

If you like your retro, metro, dubiously hetero, smacked up, jumped up, mulleted, cosseted, fashionista, arty-farty, too cool, new school, pretty, shitty, processed, hydrogenated, reconstituted, fat-free, colourless, odourless, flavourless, 'I can't believe it's not rock n roll' leftovers (may contain traces of hair, teeth and eyeballs), then get yourself to an unmentionable fast food outlet and carry on pretending that what you're eating even knows what a cow looks like, because you won't like this band.

But if you want to taste something straight from the ground - raw, fresh, filthy and alive - then come closer...

Bradford has never been a fashionable place. It's where old death metallers and experimental 60s buildings go to die. There's no scene, there's no cool, there's no point. But there is the blues. It's inherent, it's old school, it's not looking for record deals and it doesn't do battle of the bands. It's just there.

Seven Hours have grown up in the whisky-sodden blues underworld of the city's dark and stinking cellar bars with musicians twice and three times their age. It's a different world down there, and it smells funny too. People aren't just playing the blues, they're living the blues. Your age, your occupation, your addiction - nothing matters as long as you're good, you mean it and you don't fuck around. These are the foundations on which Seven Hours was built.

But unlike their unlikely peers, Seven Hours have youth, ambition, purpose. They're not trapped in a timewarp. They've got MTV, HMV, NME and GLC. They don't want to play other people's blues, because they've got their own. And anyone who's ever been in love, out of love, cheated on, paranoid or brassic will know just where they're coming from.

Seven Hours are:

Dave Holmes (vocals) - Lovechild of Tom Waits and the Honey Monster
Tom Hardaker (guitar and backing) - Talks to the animals, especially cats and bees
John Sherlock (bass and backing) - Takes no shit, they call him No Shit Sherlock
Zani (drums) - Number Four in the NME's official Elvis sightings list, both his eyes are different colours.