This is an archive of the band profile for Zillaz, The.

Ben Heneghan - Vocals.
Paul Ainley - Guitar
James Stevenson - Bass.
John Longson - Drums.

The Zillaz origins include a vast array of trials and influences, which contribute to their unique and original sound. The band was created to reinvigorate a tired, one-sided local music scene, with likeminded, talented and educated musician.The Zillaz use each member's musical proficiency to bring together a sound which is not only memorable, but significant.

Some of the bands influences include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage against the Machine and Kings of Leon to name but a few. As well as other genres, including Funk, Blues, and Rock, all contribute to The Zillaz musicianship and live performance. With Fast rolling popularity, this lead to many performances across Yorkshire, numerous newspaper articles and a live performance on BBC Radio Leeds breakfast show.

In late 2013 The Zillaz recorded their Debut EP titled 'SHOWA' in honour of the band's name. 'Showa' being the first Godzilla era in Japan and finally releasing in February 2014.

Currently, The Zillaz are performing, writing and recording their debut album for release later this year..