This article was published in 2014.

He has been at it again! Matt Bradshaw, Jumbo Records Local Product Specialist, has been picking out the best offerings in the Leeds and West Yorkshire area for June. Check out his pick of the local artists for this month. We are sure there is something you will like, so get to a gig or drop in to Jumbo and pick yourself up a CD or Vinyl.


An incredible debut that weaves a rich tapestry spun with acid-folk and sassy song-craft. Gorgeous and emotive vocals, raw banjo playing (yes BANJO playing!) and the feeling that this duo have certainly got a fantastic record collection...Imagine the songcraft of Bonnie Dobson, Christine Perfect or even PJ Harvey...This is the real deal. Expect to see them on 6Music real soon


Mixing it up with metaphor-laden flows, tricky tongue-twisting fizz and a philosophical poetic take that would make Sage Francis proud...I know for some people the words 'intelligent' and 'Hiphop' are off putting so you might be relieved that the beats and samples are genuinely uplifting and fresh too!

AUTOBAHN - 2 (12")

We've been big fans since their debut came out and the 2nd E.P. is just as much a blast...Dark gothic grooves that squeeze out a dripping, wild rhythm and drooze. It's snappy and pulses away without being too raw yet it still seems to have a scuzzy realness despite the fantastic production. Really, really satisfying stuff that works on many levels.