This article was published in 2014.

Long Division Festival organisers have this week announced an extra matinee show by The Cribs.

The matinee show is specifically for under 18s, and will take place on September 12th at Unity Works, ahead of their main headlining gig at the festival later the same evening.

Over 18s will only be permitted entry if they are in the company of an under 18, and all under 14s must be accompanied by an adult.

The event has been introduced to develop both under 18 musicians and bands across the city. As part of this commitment the festival has also introduced an under 18s stage at The Orangery over the festival weekend and will be staging a series of gigs in Wakefield.

With support from Wakefield Council's Creative Partners Scheme, Long Division and Unity Works will stage five all ages gigs this summer to give young bands the chance to play in front of new audiences. Bands will then have the opportunity to perform on the under 18s stage at Long Division Festival.

Dean Freeman, organiser of Long Division Festival, said: "As a festival we're committed to help the Wakefield bands of the future reach their potential so this year we want to make sure as much of the festival as possible is open to everyone. Teenage music fans can go to a gig in their town and then enjoy an exclusive Cribs gig with their friends.'

Gary Jarman said, "We don't get chance to play Wakefield as much as we did in the early days, particularly with two of us living in the USA now, so our 'hometown' shows are now a special occasion for us."

This year's festival will run from Friday 12th - Sunday 14th September.