This is an archive of the band profile for Sativa.

Rough with the smooth . . .

With a dynamic fusion of old school thrash and modern groove, Sativa fit congruously into an array of musical genres whilst upholding a constant thread of originality. Personal influences such as Entombed, Fear Factory, Ramones and Pantera resonate within the gritty vocals, intricate interludes and monolithic riffing that Sativa holds close.

Born in 2009 from the embers of several local bands, Sativa brought together five unacquainted musicians with a collective fervour for creating inventive, real music that would surprise and allure music fans, friends and strangers alike. Armed with an arsenal of original material two local gigs followed, to positive local acclaim.

A line-up change in 2010 saw bassist Helen Seekings and guitarist Darren Park join existing founding members Richard Green (vocals) and Gordon Holt (drums), and the work began. Jonathan Dawson completed the line-up in 2014, bringing renewed vehemence to the bands' sound. After months of writing, rehearsing and tightening Sativa were finally ready to spread its' ardent wings and they played their first show at 7fest in Bradford in July.

Time for change, forever real. . . Sativa..