This article was published in 2014.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has teamed up with alternative band Bad Pollyanna to release a brand new charity single, marking 7 years since the death of Sophie Lancaster. A brutal, unprovoked attack was carried out on Sophie because she was 'alternative' and led to her death on 11th August 2007. Her mother, Sylvia Lancaster, created the charity to change attitudes in society towards subcultures as well as to change laws to make the world a safer place for alternative people. She has dedicated her life to the charity, reflected in the recent announcement of her OBE in recognition of her groundbreaking work in the name of tolerance.

The poignant single (called 'Invincible Girl') is available to purchase on download as well as on collectable, limited-edition 30 inch vinyl. The charity song is being played for the first time at an exclusive, acoustic gig on 31st July at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. The gig acts as a warm up, ready for the big launch in Sophie's home town of Manchester on the 7th August, at the club Sound Control. Sylvia Lancaster has said that the charity is delighted to be working with Bad Pollyanna, and that the lyrics of Invincible Girl leave the listener feeling sad, strong, inspired and proud, all at the same time. She highlights how the proceeds and awareness from the charity single will help the Sophie Lancaster Foundation continue its crucial work.

Bad Pollyanna describe themselves as encompassing a mix of both beauty and darkness, which is reflected in their oxymoronic name. The band and their music explore and celebrate the duality of love, sex and the human condition through music and art. They are strong believers that people should be free to be whoever they want to be, sharing the same ethos and values as the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The Leeds gig will also have support from Ashestoangels, who have a synthy goth punk feel, as well as from the hard rock band Chasing Dragons.

The Leeds gig starts at 7:30pm, tickets are only £7 and available from this link: